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Suite Championship

Suite March Madness

Vote for Your Favorite Suite

We are excited to have you join us for our first ever Anniversary Inn March Madness contest! Our favorite suites at each of our locations will go head to head, and in the end, one favorite suite will emerge victorious.

Join in the fun by predicting the final winning suites in your bracket entry as well as by voting along the way to determine which suites will advance to the next round. Let’s get started!

Here’s How it Works


We’ve paired our most popular suites from each of our four locations into brackets and then the winner of each round will advance to compete against the winner from the adjacent bracket. Those two winners will next compete against each other, and then that winner will advance to compete against another winner. Each round of the process narrows down the competitors until there are 8, 4, 2, and finally one champion!


Just like in the NCAA, we have broken all our suites up into “regions” which correspond to our four locations. Each region has 16 suites, 8 of them are “home” suites and 8 of them are “away” suites. Together these are the 16 most popular suites over the past year at each of our locations.

The Final Four

One regional winner should emerge to face another regional winner in the “final four” semifinal contest round.

Championship Round

The winner of each of these pairings will go to the championship round where one final winner will be declared champion.

Contest Deadlines & Schedule

April 2 (Sunday)

Voting on Suite Champion opens @ 8am

April 4 (Tuesday)

Voting on Suite Champion closes @ midnight

April 5 (Wednesday)

Suite Champion and final winners declared

How To Participate & What You Can Win

Submitting Your Votes

Submit your votes for your favorite suites as they are pitted against each other. See “Contest Deadlines & Schedule” for a complete list of when voting opens and closes. You and your friends can then vote for your favorite suites as they are pitted along with each other. We will randomly award prizes for each of the voting rounds as well, so you and your friends are welcome to participate. In fact, the first round of the voting is already open, so you can start voting for the first round here. Keep voting in later rounds as the competition heats up!

If you experience any difficulties, Click Here to open the form.

Additional Rules

  • You can participate in either the prediction part of the contest (The Bracket) or the voting part, or both! Even if you are joining the fun late, we encourage you to still participate!
  • Anyone can vote in any round of voting, but you are only eligible for the prizes awarded in the voting rounds you entered. Just as you are only eligible to win the grand prize if you enter your Bracket before the submission deadline.
  • Only one Bracket per email address is allowed.
  • Only one vote, per voting round, per email address is allowed.
  • We reserve the right to change the rules and awards in the case of computer or other error.