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Hollywood Romance Theater

Logan, Utah

Hollywood Romance Theater

Suite Details

  • King-size bed
  • 60″ TV – visible from the bed, loveseat & box seats
  • Concessions bar area with complimentary bucket of popcorn & cold bottled soda included
  • Jetted tub
  • Separate shower
  • Red velvet love seat
  • Fireplace above the tub (turned off from May 15-October 15)
  • DVD player
  • Full breakfast included
  • Sparkling cider included
  • Snacks, DVD’s and other lovely options available.

Located on the first floor.

The Golden Age of Hollywood

In our golden age Hollywood Romance Theater, we have rolled out the red carpet and YOU are the STAR. Come play in your very own Hollywood romance. It’s the golden age with ruby red glamour and shimmering pearl to light up your night. It has a giant jetted tub filled to delight. Sit back and watch a movie classic or two in a king-sized bed and cozy loveseat set at the front and center of your stage. You are the directors of your romantic getaway. Box seats await for a little morning brunch. Watching “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” could make the stay complete!

(Once inside the tour, click and drag your mouse to look around, or click on the circles to move around the suite.)

Thank you so much, we absolutely loved this room. Made us feel like we were famous actor and actresses. What a fun and fabulous way to watch classic movies. So romantic. This is our 3 year anniversary and we will definitely com back.

The Carters

Our first stay here and we loved it. Of course the bath was the best, but everything was spectacular! The comfy bed, the snuggly couch, the snacks, and movies! Two years dating and hoping for more and better to come, including checking out the other rooms! Enjoy your night!

Adam & Elaine

First anniversary! Thank you to the staff and The Anniversary Inn for a lovely room!

Eric & Kathy

My wife and I stay here every anniversary. Today was our second anniversary and the experience was fantastic as always. The Anniversary Inn always provides a much needed getaway with a great experience and great service.

The Greens

We needed a much needed get away without kiddos. This does not happen nearly enough. This was our first time staying at this location and we absolutely loved it. The staff was wonderful, the breakfast was delicious. We will make a point to come back for our “Jus Because” dates in the future. Thank you.

Kaiya & Justin

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Movie Stars

People of all ages attended the movies with far more regularity than today, often going more than once per week. By the end of the decade, weekly movie attendance swelled to 90 million people. The silent movies of the early 1920s gave rise to the first generation of movie stars.

Just Say the Word

“You want the moon? Just say the word, and I’ll throw a lasso around it and pull it down.”
― George Bailey, It’s A Wonderful Life


During the 1930s, the entire film industry transformed and “Hollywood” became synonymous with big studio pictures and became the standard for movies around the world. Films became cheaper to produce as studios vertically integrated the production process, which allowed the price of film attendance to go down.

Disclaimer: The photos as well as the amenities and characteristics of the suite as described on this page (such as type of tub, size of television screen, bed, etc.) may vary from what is in your suite at the time of your stay due to repairs and updates. If you require a specific type of tub or TV screen or other room characteristics during your stay, please call us and verify this with us on the phone to verify that we will be able to accommodate your needs. Otherwise, no refunds or discounts after your stay can be given due to minor variations in suite layout or characteristics such as these.


169 East Center Street
Logan, UT 84321