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Southern Comfort

Logan, Utah

Southern Comfort

Suite Details

  • King-size bed
  • 48″ LCD TV visible from the bed
  • 43″ LCD TV visible from bar and tub
  • DVD Player
  • Bubbler tub
  • Enormous walk-in shower with bench
  • Loveseat Sofa
  • Darts
  • Bar area
  • Stand-up shuffleboard table
  • Dancing pole
  • Full breakfast included
  • Sparkling cider included
  • Snacks, DVD’s and other lovely options available.

Located on the third floor.

The Love Shack

Good old southern times are in store in this multidimensional suite. This suite is as sweet as “Sweet Georgia Brown” and truly embodies the spirit of the south with elements of a New Orleans style bar, Mardi Gras, and the warmth of southern comfort envelopes you as you enter. There is also plenty of play in your very own New Orleans bar and you can almost feel the sultry air as you enter the crocodile-filled swamp in search of your LOVE SHACK. Dine at the comfort cafe, Southern Comfort Bar or in your love shack bar behind the splendid king-sized bed. This suite is also complete with a large, separate shower with bench and jetted tub. Sleep soundly in the deep swamps of the bayou in your cozy little love shack guarded by your very own Party Gras Gator. So, what are you waiting for? Step inside, for the moss and bead draped splendor that awaits you. Complimentary Mardi Gras beads included.

(Once inside the tour, click and drag your mouse to look around, or click on the circles to move around the suite.)

We had the best time in this room. We had fun playing the games and just relaxing in the big tub.

The Wilsons

Celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary. Nice room and we loved the games. The tub and shower were awesome! Such a fun night of games and prizes! We have stayed in SLC and Boise several times but this might be our favorite location!


We had scheduled this trip for October, then the day before, my boyfriend was in a motorcycle accident and we had to reschedule. After weeks of doctors and PT we are here mending slower than he would like but we really enjoyed playing darts and shuffleboard. We went to MayMo’s for the total ‘Southern’ experience. This is our second stay here and we had so much fun. The tub and shower were both amazing. The moon on the outhouse door made me laugh.

Slowly Mending

We stayed here for two nights, and we loved this room. We are on our way through to go on our one year honeymoon trip!


Today is our 44th anniversary! We’ve had many trips to The Anniversary Inn and it is always a delight. Thanks for all the special details.

S & R

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Blue Bayou

Go to see my baby again
And to be with some of my friends
Maybe I’d be happy then
On Blue Bayou
I’m going back some day
Gonna stay on Blue Bayou
Where the folks are fine and the world is mine
On Blue Bayou
— Blue Bayou, Roy Orbison

The Love Shack

The Love Shack is a little old place where
We can get together
Love Shack, baby (Love Shack, baby)
Love Shack, that’s where it’s at…
Hugging and a-kissing
Dancing and a-loving
Wearing next to nothing ’cause it’s hot as an oven
The whole shack shimmies
Yeah, the whole shack shimmies
The whole shack shimmies when everybody’s moving around…
— Love Shack, The B-52’s

Shuffleboard Rules

Players take turns sliding their pucks down the table. The goal is to shoot your pucks closest to the end of the table without them falling over the edge. You can either try to outdistance your opponent’s pucks or try to knock off their pucks into the alley. Only the player with the furthest puck on the table can gain points, and they only collect points for pucks of theirs that are further down the table than all of their opponent’s pucks. Pucks between the shuffleboard foul line and the 1 line are worth 1 point. Pucks in zone 2 are worth 2 points, and pucks in zone 3 are worth 3 points. If a puck is touching a score line at all, then that puck scores in the lower of the two score zones. A hanger is a puck that is hanging off the end of the table, without falling into the alley, and they are worth 5 points.

Disclaimer: The photos as well as the amenities and characteristics of the suite as described on this page (such as type of tub, size of television screen, bed, etc.) may vary from what is in your suite at the time of your stay due to repairs and updates. If you require a specific type of tub or TV screen or other room characteristics during your stay, please call us and verify this with us on the phone to verify that we will be able to accommodate your needs. Otherwise, no refunds or discounts after your stay can be given due to minor variations in suite layout or characteristics such as these.


169 East Center Street
Logan, UT 84321