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Sultan’s Palace

Boise, Idaho

Sultan’s Palace

Suite Tier: Emerald

Suite Details

  • King-sized bed
  • 48″ TV
  • Jetted tub with shower (our deepest tub!)
  • Blue-ray player
  • Loveseat
  • Full breakfast included
  • Sparkling cider included
  • Snacks, DVD’s and other lovely options available.

Located on the bottom floor.

A Whole New World

The magic carpet stops here in Sultan’s Palace! A beautiful room done in gold and umber complimented with the relaxing and unique look of bamboo. Boasting The Inn’s largest tub, and a love seat for you and your Gypsy or Sultan. The only thing that could make this room more complete is sleeping in a king bed in tranquility while elephants guard your dreams. Oh yeah, we thought of that too! Time to start thinking up those 3 wishes…!

Had a wonderful stay for our third anniversary. We booked the room specifically for the tub and it did not disappoint! Bed was comfortable, the room was warm, and we enjoyed ourselves. 13 elephants, 1 dragon, 1 tiger. Someone else found 30 elephants? Enjoy!

A & B

Fun and relaxing stay! Just the room to recharge and relax. The tub is by far the best here @ the Inn. Love this room.

Eddie & Katie

We named the elephants Ella & Elliot. I had the best time here I love my partner so much.

The Talaveras

Reserved this room on a whim. Not sure what to expect We both loved the themed room and the jetted tub. It was a perfect getaway and escape from reality for a night. We look forward to staying year after year. Next time we will stay two nights. PS Make a huge bubble bath you will not regret it.

Alyssa & Chris

This was our first time in Sultan’s Palace and I think it’s our new favorite room! The bed and sheets were sooo soft, but the TUB! Best and biggest tub we’ve experienced here, definitely recommend a bath bomb or 2. It was so relaxing and just what we needed it! It was our 6th anniversary and I love coming here to fall in love all over again. We had an amazing evening/night. Until our next adventure, cheers! 

The Mercers

Enhance Your Stay

Massage Oil
Movie Snack Pack
Large Bath Bomb
Rubber Duckies
Rose Petals

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A Delight

Built in 1922, Sultan Palace, Patna is an iconic building and a delight for heritage lovers. 

The Royal House of Tanzania

Over 100 different languages are spoken in Tanzania, the most linguistically diverse country in East Africa. However, here at the Anniversary Inn, you’ll only need to know one language to communicate…the language of love.

The Palace

Sultan’s Palace was designed by a man named Ali Jan. It is a classic example of Islamic architecture with minarets, high domes, and numerous arches. Sultan Palace is divided into two parts, in which one part has been preserved for men and the other part for women. 

Disclaimer: The photos as well as the amenities and characteristics of the suite as described on this page (such as type of tub, size of television screen, bed, etc.) may vary from what is in your suite at the time of your stay due to repairs and updates. If you require a specific type of tub or TV screen or other room characteristics during your stay, please call us and verify this with us on the phone to verify that we will be able to accommodate your needs. Otherwise, no refunds or discounts after your stay can be given due to minor variations in suite layout or characteristics such as these.


1575 South Lusk Place
Boise, ID 83706


Galen Bechtel