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Country Garden

(Suite #36)

Boise, Idaho

Country Garden

(Suite #36)

Suite Details

  • 84″ Round Queen-sized Bed inside of Gazebo
  • 47″ TV
  • Jetted Tub with shower
  • Blu-Ray Player
  • Decorative Fireplace
  • Full Breakfast Included
  • Sparkling Cider Included
  • Snacks, DVD’s and other lovely options available.

 Located on the second floor.


Secret Garden

Have you ever been in a garden so beautiful you felt like you could just lay there in the warm sun and take in the beauty of it all forever? Welcome to the Country Garden. A place far away that greets you with a welcoming queen-sized gazebo bed, a river stone wall that encases a jetted tub, and gentle flowers that greet you on every wall. Enjoy a complimentary DVD on the 46″ TV. Share your complimentary breakfast on your indoor patio, and enjoy the scenery, you are certain to be whisked away – and may never want to return to the outside world again!

(Once inside the tour, click and drag your mouse to look around, or click on the circles to move around the suite.)

My husband and I just got married and my sister and her husband got us this room as a wedding present. This room was wonderful and the service was great! It really felt like we were in another world for a night! Here’s to a bright future and a better year from 2020!

James & Marjorie Reed

This was our tenth wedding anniversary. We spent it here in this beautiful room had an amazing and romantic time. We really enjoyed every minute of it. Forever & Always!

Larry & Heather

We had an amazing time together at the Country Garden celebrating our one year anniversary! Such a cute place to create fun memories, we played board games, loved the garden bath and ate breakfast together at the cute table. The art work is so pretty and we hope to come back again someday!

Caylee & Stephen Scheese

The room transported me to a simpler place and time. The quiet and inviting ambiance of the countryside. As I climbed into the bed I could not help but imagine I was lying on a cobblestone country road. As the lights dimmed and I looked above me the flowers hanging above took on the shape of the angel of death. By 3am I welcomed its spirit as the stones from the road braised my spine. At last 8am arrived and I realized the angel of death did not come for me, but the stone road in which I slept upon remained.

Shane & Amber

Celebrated our seventh anniversary here, the room is very cute! The hot tub jets were amazing, as were the cinnamon rolls the next morning. We will return in the future if the stress of childing rearing doesn’t tear us apart first, haha.

Bryce & Megan

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Disclaimer: The photos as well as the amenities and characteristics of the suite as described on this page (such as type of tub, size of television screen, bed, etc.) may vary from what is in your suite at the time of your stay due to repairs and updates. If you require a specific type of tub or TV screen or other room characteristics during your stay, please call us and verify this with us on the phone to verify that we will be able to accommodate your needs. Otherwise, no refunds or discounts after your stay can be given due to minor variations in suite layout or characteristics such as these.


1575 South Lusk Place
Boise, ID 83706


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